Termidor and Exterra

No matter how your home is constructed, or how old it is, it could be attacked by subterranean termites. They are a threat across 70 percent of the world. They are in every part of the United States, with the exception of Alaska. They cause two to four billion dollars’ worth of damage each year in the United States alone. They are, in fact, one of the most serious threats your home may face.

TERMIDOR® is one of the options we recommend. TERMIDOR® is a nonrepellant, meaning it doesn’t keep termites away from treated areas, but is able to kill them in several ways. Because termites cannot see, smell, or feel TERMIDOR®, they move through the treated area, ingesting the treated soil and carrying it on their bodies, which transfers to other termites.

TERMIDOR® gives you 100% control quickly and also has a long residual quality. It provides continued protection in a low dose, low odor formulation that meets the standards of the Food Quality Protection Act.

Until recently, the usual method of termite control was to drill and apply chemicals to form a termite barrier, but along came EXTERRA™. Environmentally friendly, EXTERRA’s™ greatest advantage over the chemical barrier is its ability, through a baiting system, to eliminate the source of your termite problem. The termite colony itself is eliminated!

Download the EXTERRA™ PDF brochure here.

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