Pest Control

TOTAL PEST CONTROL, INC. can design custom service to suit your particular circumstances.  TRIGUARD is designed for Residential and Business Services.  We will provide four (4) quarterly exterior treatments to keep your home or business pest-free.  On the first visit, we will thoroughly inspect and service the interior of your structure.  In addition, we will treat outdoor areas where pests typically next, such as wood piles, shrubs, eaves and windows, etc.  Then we will make quarterly visits to treat the exterior, controlling pests and preventing them from entering your home or business.  This service consists of:

* De-Webbing for spiders
* Treat all eves and window sills and doors
* Put a liquid and granular barrier around the home
* Treat woodpiles and any other harboring areas for insects.

IT’S THAT EASY!  No phone calls, no monthly scheduling, no inconvenience, NO PESTS!!

Of course, if you should happen to discover a pest between treatments, we will re-treat the interior of your home or business at NO CHARGE.

1.  Please keep in mind, “our service provides control of insects – not elimination.  you will see occasioned insect(s) from time to time which are known as “occasional
invaders”.  The products used have flusher in them to drive the insect(s) out of their hiding places. TOTAL guarantees, though, that the “occasional invader” will
not set up housekeeping in your residence.  If you feel that you are seeing too many “occasional invaders”, remember, TOTAL does provide extra service at no charge – just call.

2.  The products we use are all formulated to the weight of the target pest, making our products very safe for you, your family, pets and the environment.

Our technicians are very approachable and always willing to discuss your concerns along with answering any questions that you may have.  Their service experience is always working on your behalf.

TOTAL PEST CONTROL, INC. appreciates your business.  If for any reason you do not feel our service meets our standards, please feel free to call our Office TOLL-FREE at 941-405-3474.

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